• Whimsical Whisps Small LAV493s
  • Fairy Fir Tree 2 Small LAV492s
  • Celestial Tree (Small) LAV488s
  • Fairy Fir Tree (small) LAV489s
  • Oak Leaf Branch
    Oak Leaf Branch
    € 8,95
  • Fern Heads – Singles
  • Fern Heads
    Fern Heads
    € 7,50
  • Sacred Tree
    Sacred Tree

    The Sacred tree is so old it knows all the secrets of the woodland animals, lovely detail

    11 x 9cm

    € 8,50
  • Autumn Tree
    Autumn Tree

    A really simple tree, used for so many projects . great to embellish for spring and summer scenes , works well with glitter for those winter scenes.

    11cm x 7 cm,

    € 8,50
  • Maple Leaf
    Maple Leaf

    Maple leaf- a very detailed silhoutte stamp, this stamp looks lovely as a border for your card, great for the chinese landscapes

    Stamp size (approx) 5 x 6 cm

    € 7,95
  • Zen Tree
    Zen Tree

    10,5 x 6,5 cm

    € 8,95
  • Holly

    Holly, this is a lovely diverse stamp, it can be used for borders, edging , and you can create any size holly wreath by stamping in a circle

    € 6,95
  • Mistletoe

    Mistletoe, this is a lovely diverse stamp, perfect for Christmas and Winter projects. Stamp size (approx) 4 x 3 cm

    € 6,95
  • Seasonal Tree
    Seasonal Tree

    Seasonal Tree11 x 8 cm

    € 9,95
  • Tree Root
    Tree Root

    This stamp was designed to fit in along the leaves and the bugs and even the Fairies.

    measures 8.5 cm x 8.5 cm

    € 7,95
  • Vine

    Another lovely stamp to border your cards with, such an easy stamp to add real depth to your picture

    Measuring at 9cm x 5cm

    € 7,95
  • willow

    can achieve a great effect by repeating the stamped image over and over at the top of the page and with two different images it doesnt look repetative either.

    great effect i really like this

    € 7,95
  • Christmas eve
    Christmas eve

    Christmas eve - this is a child's dream, a real favourite for fairy lovers.

    Stamp size (approx) 7.5 x 5 cm

    € 7,50
  • Weeping Willow tree
    Weeping Willow tree

    A Delightful Weeping Willow measuring at 8.5 x 6 cm

    € 7,95
  • Spooky tree
    Spooky tree

    Here we have our lovely spooky tree, great for any scene stamping , one of our largest trees 9.5 x 8 cm.

    € 8,50
  • Wishing tree
    Wishing tree

    Another popular stamp at the shows ...another of my favourite....looks lovely with the flower stamp...see in the gallery...

    a large stamp....awaiting size

    € 7,95
  • Spring trees
    Spring trees

    Great stamp for setting that forest scene...over laped they look beautiful, check out the Gallery.

    Measuing apox 9 cm x 7 cm. this is quite a large stamp.

    € 9,95
  • Fern leaf
    Fern leaf

    This Fern leaf is great as a border stamp either at the top or the bottom of the picture .

    This stamp measures 8cm high by 5.5cm wide.

    € 7,50
  • Cherry Blossom
    Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom

    9 cm x 7 cm

    € 8,95
  • Cherry Blossom Tree
    Cherry Blossom Tree

    Cherry Blossom Tree

    7 x 5 cm

    € 8,95
  • Oak Tree
    Oak Tree

    Oak Tree

    A lovely old oak tree great for scenic stamping.

    6 x 6 cm

    € 7,50
  • Fir Tree
    Fir Tree

    Fir Tree

    4.5×7 cm

    € 7,50
  • Lavinia Stamps Creeping vine
    Lavinia Stamps Creeping vine

    9 x 7,5 cm

    € 8,50
  • Lavinia Stamps Tree Scene
    Lavinia Stamps Tree Scene

    And set of four small individual trees and a hedgerow

    € 8,95
  • Lavinia Stamps Fir Tree 1
    Lavinia Stamps Fir Tree 1

    7 x 3 cm

    € 6,95
  • Lavinia Stamps Christmas Tree Group
    Lavinia Stamps Christmas Tree Group

    7,2 x 4,7 cm

    € 7,50


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